Evening Meditation Preparation

2018  Evening Gathering Preparation

We are excited to share this gathering with you!
Please arrive at 7-8 pm (Oct – April) or 8pm (May – Sept.)   Please do not arrive much before that so that we have our time to get the space together and prepare ourselves for the evening. There will be time for everyone to get settled before we begin. We will end at approximately 10-11am the following morning. If you need to leave before this time, please let us know in advance.

If you are taking prescription medications of any kind, it is essential, for your own well being and safety, to inform us immediately as to the type and frequency of use. If you have medical issues or conditions of any kind please disclose that information, as well, in advance of the gathering. Failure to disclose this information could have a negative effect on you as well as everyone in the group.

We have a maximum of 12 people per gathering. There is a sliding scale contribution of $325-$700 per person, per gathering. $600-$1200 for the full weekend. A non-refundable deposit of $175 per gathering must be made no later than two weeks before the event or your name will be removed from the list. Payments can be done via PayPal to paypal.me/samanayo Please be sure to list your name, the City and Date and whether Daytime or Evening Meditation in the Notes section when you make the PayPal deposit.

What to Bring: Loose comfortable clothing, warm layers, socks, blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, bucket or bowl, bottle of water, some fruit or healthy food to share in the morning (optional).

If you wear contacts, you will want to remove them and use your glasses.

Please refrain from use of perfumes and colognes. Sense of smell can be heightened. What is appealing to you, may not be to others.

Please leave all cell phones and electronic devices in your car. Please DO NOT bring them into the ceremonial space.

Food Preparation: Prepare as you would for any other yoga or meditation retreat. Eat foods that are nourishing and easy to digest.  Do not eat after 11am the dayof the gathering.

For 2-7 days before the gathering, it is suggested to: Avoid alcoholic beverages, reduce or eliminate coffee and caffeine, meat, heavily salted or sugared food, unhealthy oils.  For pot smokers, please try to refrain from smoking, at minimum, the day of the event. The clearer you are, the better the experience.

Do not get yourself in a tizzy if you cannot or did not follow these guidelines. They are simply recommendations. We trust you to make the right choices for yourself. Not following the guidelines is not a reason to not attend.

Privacy: Please honor and protect the privacy of our gathering.  Be discreet in sharing it to anyone but close friends who can understand and appreciate the transformational spirit of the work involved. If you feel there is someone that would like to join us, please send us their name and email address or phone number.

We will gladly speak with you (email/phone) regarding any questions or special needs you may have. This is a special opportunity to open to your truth and inner guidance, to heal and receive clarity.

Come with an intention (not to be shared). Ask yourself what you want to release and let go of and what you want to bring in to your life! We are committed to you feeling free and remembering your greatness! 
Love to you! 
Victoria and Gray

PS: If you get cold feet, bring warm socks

2018 Evening Gathering Preparation


One thought on “Evening Meditation Preparation”

  1. I’m excited that you have added a Grass Valley offering to you schedule. Thank you! You will see my deposit very soon.

    The I did ceremony with you previous I was not on any prescription medication. This May I began a very low dose of Lexapro (Escitalopram) 5mg. It is an SSRI. Usually a clinical dose is 10 mg. but my Dr started me low and it worked for some severe anxiety I was struggling with. I’m feeling well now. Please advise if this could be contra-indicated for ceremony. If so I would discuss tapering off with my Dr.

    Thank you for all you offer

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